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LEDit 2 is here!

LEDit 2 icon So LEDit 2.0 is finally here and we’ve included some exciting new features.

First, it has a brand new icon and interface, which we feel is more modern and definitely more dynamic as some things are animated.

We’ve also included the ability to choose bold, italic text, as well as LED shape (round or square). And a HD (high definition) mode, which has twice the amount of LEDs.

A new Brightness slider has been added as well, which allows you to set the brightness of the text displayed.

We hope you enjoy this new version, and remember to subscribe to our blog or on twitter to stay up to date.

Get your free copy of Millionaire

Our lottery app Millionaire is now free for a limited time.

Hurry up, get your free copy while you can.

Hello world!

Well, this is our first blog post. We’ll post new articles and stuff very soon!

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